• Four friends stuck in the eye of a hurricane - when they emerge they have logs tied up in their hair like curlers, walking swaggerliciously to "MORE THAN A FEEELING!"
  • Super long title that has nothing to do with the main idea, but the smallest scene in the entire movie
  • Mary's character running across the street without closing coffee cup, scathing hot coffee spewing into my face...
  • Talking the lyrics to Rehab
  • Dancing attached by a sweatshirt
    • rolling in, twirling out - if you know what i mean even :D
  • Hidden track on soundtrack: Never Gonna Give You Up ~ Rick Astley
    • Rick Roll the whole world!
  • Trapped in the school because of the hurricane, only place we can sleep is in the band room next to a TRASH can because (no reason.), spend the whole night in AWFUL suffering
  • Terrifying swarm of ladybugs
  • Never ending dark hallway
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