• He always said you got too long a pecker for a preacher - Tom
  • [...] crap houses
  • [...] and Pa lets out a squawk like a sow litterin' broken bottles. - Tom
  • By an' by he et so much he throwed up and went to sleep. - Tom
  • [...] twelve curved iron penes erected in the foundry, orgasms set by gears, raping methodically, raping without passion.
  • He ate without relish.
  • His eyes were warm. "Ever since the pig got into Jacobs' an' et the baby." - Muley
  • Dust comin' up and spoilin' ever'thing so a man didn't get enough crop to plug up an ant's ass. - Muley
  • I seen her beat the hell out of a tin peddler with a live chicken one time - Tom
  • Be careful where you lay your butts
  • [...]fixes her back hair
  • Drier'n a bitch monkey - Tom
  • She sassy. - Pa
  • Pa'd crap a litter of lizards if we buy beers - Tom
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aug 28 2012 +
user picture Mary: LOL OH MY GOD the last one is the one i was trying to find in the car!! LMFAO aug 28 2012
user picture Abbey: NO OH MY SWEET bABY TRAVIS LORD. aug 29 2012