• Mark x Cesar shippers
  • people who sexualize underage characters/people in real life IN ANY WAY
  • Pro shippers
  • homophobes
  • racists
  • ableists
  • transphobes
  • just generally people who lack any empathy 💀
  • sexualize/romanticize abuse/mental illness
  • Andrew Tate fans (or anyone similar)
  • people who hate on tone tags
  • sssniperwolf fans (its okay if you dont watch or are not a fan of them anymore or if i know you in real life and were good friends)
  • British people/J
  • people who sexualize everything all/most of the time
  • people who won't/can't respect my pronouns or the fact that I'm non-binary.


  • people who hardcore simp for TMC characters
  • Danganronpa fans
  • highly Sensitive people (Ex: You get offended easily, get offended/mad if someone says they don't like something you like [especially if you tell them to "kys/srs"])
  • People who are 9- or 18+
  • Genshin fans
  • Middle school boys/hj
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