Crowns for Kings; Kisses for Princes Modern AU, written in first person. Quite cliché in the sense that Armin is an angel, Jean is an asshole (but regrets it) and Eren is blind when it comes to love

I Want To Fluffy and cute. Armin works on skaters and falls over (and for) Eren. Sasha is cute here.

The Liquid Engineers Best use of canon thingys outside canon. Lots of science, Armin is the best nerd ever I want to hug him.

To Be Or Not To Be High School/Theater AU. FLUFF AS FUCK, Jean and Armin are BBFs and Eren is a good actor. Lots of cute clichés.

✦ ♡ Yours Truly Slow burn and sooo well build!!! Armin and Eren meet as children and slowly discover love as they grow, just to be separated by life and then reunited again. Made me cry and smile and cry again.

apr 15 2016 ∞
apr 17 2016 +