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  • Cute 2068words | canon | PG-13: Infinite members realise their leader is adorable and Woohyun really wishes they wouldn’t.
  • Bubbles 5330words | college au | NC-17: Sunggyu has a crush and maybe it goes both ways.
  • Vulnerable WH 3262words | canon | PG-13: Woohyun’s overworked and Sunggyu takes care of him.
  • Minutes to Midnight 2057words | canon | PG-13: Sunggyu’s grumpy, there’s a fight and then finally, some make up cuddling.
  • Still Asleep 1291words | au | PG-13: Sleepy woogyu cuddles.
  • The Last Step 2435words | au | PG-13: They are only one step away from being boyfriends.
  • Woohyun's ugly 2694words | canon |PG-13: Sunggyu takes some time to appreciate Woohyun’s face.
  • Longing Gyu 1306words | canon | PG-13: Sunggyu misses being Woohyun’s roommate and he misses Woohyun.
  • Beautiful Day 1262words | au | PG-13: Sunggyu is kissed by a complete stranger.
  • Winter Woogyu 5434words | au | PG-13 to NC-17: Sunggyu and Woohyun are not in a relationship. Yet.
  • Angel 2320words | au | PG-13: Woohyun has a new neighbour. A pretty special one.
  • What a picture can mean 1514words | au | PG-13: There’s a wall of pictures in Myungsoo’ atelier…
  • homecoming One would say having a soldier for a boyfriend would be hot – all muscles and uniforms and you can brag about how cool your man is. And while Sunggyu really does get off on the uniforms, Woohyun is rarely home, always sent to god knows where to protect his damn country.


  • Cigarettes 3070words | au | NC-17: Arguments, cigarettes and sex.
  • Blowjob 2994words | au | NC-17: Woohyun asks for a blowjob and he actually gets it.
  • WH is a Bastard 4190words | au | NC-17: Sunggyu likes to play hard to get and Woohyun doesn’t mind most of the time. But sometimes, he does.
  • WH is a bitch 3290words | au | NC-17: Woohyun’s injured. They have sex in the hospital.
  • Fever 2568words | canon | NC-17: Woohyun comes back to the dorms pissed off and the only one home is Sunggyu.
  • Red Hair 3888words | canon | NC-17: Woohyun’s acting like a jerk, but really, he’s just trying to keep his distance.
  • Sunggyu in Wonderland 7141words | au | NC-17: Sunggyu’s visiting a strip club for the first time and it’s Woohyun’s shift.
  • Unbound 4539words | au | NC-17: Sunggyu needs his driving license. He’s willing to do various things for it, too.
  • Floating in the Air 4032words | au | NC-17 | sequel to Unbound
  • Boss You Around 5742words | au | NC-17: Woohyun’s been working as a PA for long enough to put up with a lot. But apparently, not everything.


  • Deciever of Fools 3199words | au | NC-17: Sunggyu and Woohyun hate each other. Or do they?
  • Of Swimming and Ponytails 3697words | au | PG-13: Sunggyu can’t swim and Woohyun decides to teach him.
  • Ballerina 6399words | au | NC-17: Sunggyu gets a new boyfriend - a ballerina.


  • Thursdays 4349words | au | PG-13: In which all the Thursdays are the same and then, they are not.
  • Forbidden Fruit 2016words | au | PG-13: Woohyun wants to be selfish just this once.
  • The Evolution of Nam WooHyun 1803words | au | PG-13: Woohyun meets a boy and it changes his life.
  • The Evolution of Kim Sunggyu 1621words | au | PG-13: Sunggyu met a boy and it changed his life.
  • Talking to the Sun 2231words | au | R: Sunggyu thinks he has enough time for everything. Then he suddenly doesn’t.
  • at the end of the worldWords:2571 |au| Explicit| the world might end tonight, sunggyu realises. he's not sure he believes it - no one really does - but what if there are too many mistakes behind him in his life to take the chances


  • All I Need 4212words | au | NC-17: Woohyun’s almost too late to realise Sunggyu’s all he needs.
  • Lost in the Echo SungYeol LOL Myungyeol 21286words| au | NC-17: Sunggyu falls in love with the wrong person, hopefully not for too long.
  • No Roads Left 6378words | au | PG-13: It’s been sometime since they broke up but maybe there’s one last road left.
  • Chicken Soup 16473words | au | NC-17: When a chef needs to be put in a witness protection program.
  • Like The First Time 4423words | canon | NC-17: Woohyun wants Sunggyu to take the lead once in a while too.
  • Raining 3997words | au | PG-13 to NC-17: Sunggyu gets lost in the rain and ends up asking Woohyun, of all people, for help.
  • So the turn of events is pretty unexpected 7339words | au | PG-13 to NC-17: Sunggyu sometimes can’t believe this is seriously his life; for example, when he’s cornered between his horrible ex and his horrible co-worker.
  • Woof 1/? 2731words | au | PG-13: First story out of werewolf-related series.
  • Man, is it complicated 11679words | au | NC-17: The hunter becomes the hunted.
  • Picture Perfect maybe a sequel? 2191words | au | PG-13/NC-17/IDK : In which they take pictures for a porn magazine.
  • untitled 1796words | au | PG-13 : Sunggyu, the demon, meets Woohyun, the angel.
  • all these things i hate (revolve around you) Words: 3,757| sequel to Picture Perfect, they take pictures for a porn magazine together again
  • can't stop feeling Words: 2,501 | au| Phone sex | sequel to Picture Perfect, what if the only thing they have in common is the shitty part time job?


  • Insanity 3770words | au | R: Woohyun’s a psychiatrist and Sunggyu’s his new patient.
  • 24th of June 1769words | au | R: A diary of Nam Woohyun, the music teacher, the psycho.


  • Books 24273words | au | NC-17: Sunggyu needs a book and Woohyun has it. Too bad Woohyun’s a dickhead at the same time.
  • In Harmony MyungYeol 61355words | au | PG-13 to NC-17: Bodyswap is involved. (i swear to god ill come up with sth better for this one)
  • Born Like This Myungyeol Yadong 58749words | au | mature | Sequel to 'In Harmony'.
  • Bastards HoJong 31668words | au | NC-17: Sunggyu and Woohyun are fuck buddies. And maybe Sunggyu’s in love with Woohyun too.
  • Bittersweet 65971words | au | NC-17: Sunggyu’s been trained his whole life to be an assassin but under pressure and for freedom, he runs away. Almost three years later, it’s not only his father who’s looking for him.
  • Waking the Demon Myungeyol Yadong BAngHim
  • Eogiyadiya! WIP | au | NC-17: Sunggyu had been wishing for an adventure ever since he could remember and then one day, he just decided to give it a go. Literally nothing went his way, though, and what he thought would be the long expected twist in his life turned into a nightmare. Or did it? (pirate au)


  • Vendetta (Myungyeol)
  • Toxicity (Gyuyeol/Woogyu)


  • crash and burn sometimes, it just doesn't click, even though/because the expectations are so big
  • slow, love, slow some domestic fluff with no plot whatsoever
  • in between a snap out of a married life of two men who are still in love, even after all the year
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