The war is over, Snoke dead at Rey and Kylo's hands. The two of them find themselves feeling a bit out of place as the Resistance celebrates, and decide that the answer is a bit of good old fashioned Corellian whiskey. Enjoyed responsibly, of course. And in private.


Ben went out to get a dog, and he got home with a poodle and a crush on the girl working at the shelter. That's life, right?

Ben and Rey are the only ones in town with powers, and they hate each other. Except they don't, not really.


Three things are to be expected when the dragon came back to the stars. The first was that one didn’t leave their home at night. The second was that one didn’t go check the noise they heard at the edge of the woods, no matter the cause. And last and final and arguably most important was that one most definitely did not get married.

AnonymousMink ☆☆

When work dries up on Jakku, a desperate Rey enlists with Galactech-- a tech company who will hire anyone with the right skills, and work for anyone for the right price. Now trapped onboard the Finalizer, Rey is both horrified and fascinated by the dark tales she hears about the leader of the Knights of Ren and the mysterious Force he controls.

Rey Niima-- licensed PI, unofficial dog sitter, possibly living in her car --is working the most interesting case of her career, reuniting the two most famous people on the planet with their missing renegade son. It soon becomes apparent though that after his vanishing act fifteen years before, Ben Solo has simply ceased to exist.

'Soulmates get blue marks on their skin wherever their other person gets physical pain.' Rey has long wondered whose pain she wears on her skin like blossoms - a brave pilot, a legendary smuggler, a hero? She never expects to find him on the opposite side of the battlefield.

He could, theoretically, be a vampire. If vampires existed. Either way Rey’s rudest and most dismissive Starbucks customer certainly does seem to wear a lot of black. And always appear exactly when she's been left on her own. She's pretty sure his name isn't actually ‘Kylie N.’ or ‘Kai Lauren’ but hey, if she’s spelling it wrong deliberately on his incredibly pretentious order who can blame her?


Picks up after The Force Awakens. Rey has completed her training on Ach-to under Master Luke, and now travels by his side as his padawan. The two are desperately seeking information on the First Order's newest weapon- the Dark Moon. After encountering the Knights of Ren on an uncharted planet, Rey is abducted by Kylo Ren who plans to turn her to the dark side...

With Snoke dead, and Rey recovering from her injuries on Hoth, Kylo Ren has taken control of the First Order and is quickly gaining control of the galaxy. Even as the Resistance is crumbling, Rey believes that Kylo may once again have ulterior motivations for his seemingly evil deeds, but with their force bond broken and Master Luke suspicious of her own allegiance, she walks a dangerous line between dark and light... This is the sequel to the Dark Moon Rises, and though it takes inspiration from the Last Jedi, it is not exactly canon.

Articianne, holocroning

Four years have passed since Kylo Ren betrayed his master and assumed the role of Supreme Leader of the First Order. He has one goal: eradicate all memory of the Jedi and their teachings. It has nothing to do with Rey, or the deafening silence in his mind since the day the Resistance fell. Nothing at all.


_Rey misreads a Craigslist ad and accidentally ends up at a Casting Couch audition. _


Kylo's stuff keeps getting shipped to Rey's apartment, and the resultant miscommunications threaten to destroy their lives -- or, you know, at least their summer. Also Kylo wears a suit and Rey is thirsty.


Her old life lies in the ashes of a broken mind, so again and again he sculpts her anew.

benperor-ren (winterelf86)

It had been a few weeks since the incident on Crait occurred. The Force bond had grown quiet, leaving Kylo and Rey to wallow in their loneliness. However, when the Force reconnects them Rey unwittingly has an itch that needs to be scratched which sends the new emperor into a primal frenzy. An A/B/O dynamic fic slightly inspired by raven-maiden's hunter/prey meta.


Redeemed Ben and Rey spar in an empty training room on base. Rey has been attempting to seduce Ben for months, but he pretends to be oblivious because he thinks he isn’t good enough for her and will ruin her. She teases him too much during their sparring session and ben finally snaps. He pins her down and eventually fucks her into the ground while whispering how much of a slut she is for him in her ear. Rey loves it.


The turkey was stuffed and now so was Rey. (In which Ben teaches Rey how to properly express one's thanks.)

_Prompt: "How about redeemed Kylo is back at the resistance base along with Rey. Their relationship consists of casual not so casual hook ups and stubbornness of admitting their true feelings. Believing it’s for the best, Rey decides to end whatever they have between them and thinks she’s doing perfectly fine until she sees some resistance girls being a bit too friendly with ex war criminal Kylo Ren"

He finds her on Ilum and everything changes. Jealousy is a treacherous thing, and it is a dangerous game they play._

They exist in perpetuity; a thousand universes, a thousand lives, a thousand times to love and lose and love again.

“Scavenger...” He hissed, taking a step forward only for Rey to raise her lightsaber defensively in front of her chest. Something was clearly wrong with him, he was not in a good state and he smelled... Why could she smell him? The musky, masculine scent of him wafted past her nostrils and her skin began to redden. There was a sudden and intense warmth between her thighs, and she whimpered, rubbing them together in a futile attempt to sate it. What the hell is happening?

The bond has been blissfully silent since Crait. Rey is woefully unprepared for the death of Leia Organa, and moreso for the shock that thrusts open the floodgates which had so diligently kept their minds separate. Her mind, and the mind of Ben Solo— the mind of Kylo Ren

Ben believes that the bond is gone, shattered on Crait. Then one night it is blasted open again. Rey reaches out to him, sick and dying. Delirious with fever she pleads with him to come to her. She needs him. What can he do but go to her side?

Ben Solo discovers Rey's laundry list of insecurities, and tries his damndest to correct her; She's perfect.

Rey had always been a solitary creature; a hunter, she was self reliant. But this heat was particularly intense, and so when an Alpha offered himself to her, she accepted without hesitation. It was only a one time thing. It had to be. Rey had always been a solitary creature.

Kylo finds Rey unconscious and near death on the side of a road, surrounded by twitching, wretched things looking to her for their next meal. Ever the altruist, he picks them off and takes her with him, saving her life in the process. It's no wonder that when she wakes she feels she owes him, and agrees to become his travel companion as he crosses the United States in search of safety and a new home. Zombie Apocalypse AU, mind the tags/warnings.

he can still hear the horde outside, shifting and moaning and hissing; dry, dead branches snapping beneath bloodied feet. Doom, death, decay; these are the only constants in this cruel world of theirs. Everything is pain.

To each other they are everything, but that doesn't matter. Not anymore.

In which Kylo and Rey are betrothed as children and separated for their respective darkside trainings. Their reintroduction as adults is explosive, to say the least.

The bond has been blissfully silent since Crait. Rey is woefully unprepared for the death of Leia Organa, and moreso for the shock that thrusts open the floodgates which had so diligently kept their minds separate. Her mind, and the mind of Ben Solo— the mind of Kylo Ren

ylo comes to Rey under a full moon, intent upon making her his mate. Rey, despite her better judgement, finds herself unable to refuse.

Kylo Ren is the heir to all Inferno, the nine circles of hell and its seat on the river Styx, but when his grandfather, Anakin, the current king, foresees his own demise, Kylo must make a decision, become a king, or die a child. With the beginnings of a human invasion of the underworld stirring in the shadows, he joins with Rey, high demoness and chief anthropologist of Inferno, to foray into the human realm and put a stop to the series of mysterious bindings and slayings. Amidst the chaos they find themselves, and each other.

thewayofthetrashcompactor (BriarLily)

Rey has a busy schedule: between her part time jobs, trying to get a degree, and breaking into certain people's homes to steal items she can pawn off to Unkar Plutt, she doesn't have time for anything mysterious or unusual. And she's not exactly in the habit of returning lost property. However, something gets her to make an exception. Which somehow mixes her up with Ben Solo, and that turns out to be a hard bond to break.

The shadowy Order has advanced across the forest, bringing darkness in their wake. Rey is hungry and desperate, willing to face the Order themselves to steal back what they've taken from the land. What she finds there is not what she expects. A.K.A. the mothlo fic you were warned about

Rey takes a wrong turn on the way back from Yule celebrations and ends up somewhere she doesn't expect with a stranger. Snow falls hard around them, and she's not sure of the way home.


Only days after their defeat on Crait, Rey and Leia embark on a secret mission to find an old ally. Kylo and Rey are faced with more questions than real answers.Being on opposite sides of the Force and sharing a bond is not an easy task, and both of them are faced with more contradictions and conflicts than clear routes to follow, while their cat-and-mouse chasing will shape their destinies.


Mazal Tov - The expression comes from the Mishnaic Hebrew mazzāl, meaning "constellation" or "destiny". Borrowed from Yiddish מזל־טובֿ (mazl tov), from Hebrew מַזָּל (mazál, “star, constellation; fate, luck”), from Akkadian (manzaltu [UD.DA]) + Hebrew טוֹב (tov, “good”); literally “good stars, good luck.”

part 2 of Yichud

It’s the sort of thing he would only ask Rey. Rey has seen too much of the boiling mess under his skin to judge him for this.

“Fake girlfriend. What does that even mean?” Ben asks her. Rey rests a hand on his arm, feeling the muscles underneath his sleeve. “Babe,” she says, leaning close to him. “It means we pretend we’re madly in love. Think you can pull that off for your office pool?” Ben’s eyes flicker softly between each of hers and he swallows, his Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat.

she wakes up fucked up next to him. rey thinks she might still be drunk. which might be a blessing because if she can get enough water into her it might mean she evades the worst hangover she’ll have had since college.

Accidents with Ben happen. That’s just how it goes.

maybe it’s because it’s dusk–when it’s neither light nor dark–that they break.

"It’s about balance, Ben,” his uncle had chided. “Knowing how to keep your needs matched with the galaxy’s. There is no emotion, there is peace.”

It’s not the first time that Rey has seen Kylo pop up in her Fido stream, but it is the first time she’s clicked on him fast enough to be scheduled for a meet and greet with dog and owner on Saturday.

my grandmother spent time here family my grandparents married here love my grandparents fell in love home in another lifetime my grandparents here

When word gets out that Rey is pregnant, the Resistance is startled. Had she really slept with Luke Skywalker during her mission to bring him back from his seclusion? He’d been isolated for so long, but then again he had never seemed to have any interest in that particular pleasure of the flesh. But who else could have fathered her child?

Ben stares at the text for a minute before opening up his computer and typing “+7793 area code” into his web search. Jakku. Of course he wouldn’t have recognized it. He confessed himself surprised to know that Jakku even had an area code. Did people still live in Jakku?

He contemplates a fall, yet here she climbs. What are they two?

The Talmud states that on Purim one is to drink to the point of not knowing the difference between “cursed is Haman” and “blessed is Mordechai.” In other words, you’re supposed to get so blitzed you can’t tell your friends from your enemies. Rey and Ben might be taking this a little too literally at Leia’s annual Purim Party.

Person A, a princess/prince who decided to have one last good night before their arranged betrothal, fell in love (and possibly had sex) with a stranger at the bar. They don’t remember much except a voice. The next day, the first thing Person B (their betrothed) says is “I do” and FUCK that’s the exact same voice as last night’s stranger.

“I feel it too,” he says quietly, and half turns his head to look at her over his shoulder. “Feel what?” Her throat is dry again. Adrenaline? Hatred? She’d beaten him, after all, left him for dead… “It,” he replies and looks back out over the park. “It.” She doesn’t know what to say to that. (Perhaps she is afraid to admit it to herself. This has always been her problem. But again, we must pretend not to know what we know already.)

they’re practically running through the bay to where the pod she’d arrived in is sitting. it looks so much smaller now than it had when she’d arrived in it, the words PROPERTY OF HAN SOLO PLEASE RETURN written in his father’s messy handwriting along the side of the pod. well, dad i guess i am. his throat closes. he’s got a bad feeling about this.

they go for a hike

he needs her; she needs him too.

“The lord of the underworld is a liar,” the queen says when she catches Rey following her gaze. Her voice is hard, and her gaze is angry. “He stole my son from me.”

Rey feels the beginning of her Heat a week before Super Tuesday and wants to die.

“I didn’t get to have a big wedding,” his mother had told him when they’d finally spoken about it. “I was pregnant and it was a lot and your dad and I just got married. It’s my time. I’m having a big wedding.” She sounded nervous, almost defensive, as though a woman who is nearly sixty doesn’t have a right to want a big wedding. She wasn’t no young blushing bride. She has a thirty-year-old son for god’s sake.

The maze isn’t for me my ass, he thinks. He looks up, smiling beneath his bandana and his eyes are met with a horrified looking couple. The man is standing in front of the woman, as though worried that Ben’ll attack them next. He rolls his eyes as he stands up again, cleaning the simulation blood from his knife by rubbing it against his pant leg. “Oh, don’t look at me like that,” he snarls at them. “This is my fucking vacation.”

He knows her scent better than he knows anything else in the world. And the scent coming off her pillow is not her scent.

In which the stripper hired for Rose’s bachelorette party is an allusion to her profession.

In which Rey swipes right on Ben, 35. Probably too much of an asshole for you, but my therapist is trying to convince me that assholes deserve love too, so here’s me on Tinder, and it does not proceed as she expects.

A year later, a different experience with the Brown Line. sequel of Let Go

In which Padme Solo and Breha Johnson meet at summer camp, learn they are twins, and decide they do not accept their parents’ separation.

Ben realizes upon entering the shop that he had gotten the complete wrong impression from the name of it. What the fuck sort of shop calls itself The Knotting Shop if it’s not about, well, knotting? The answer, apparently, is a knitter with a sense of humor. An Omega, by the scent that seems to have landed in every colorful ball of yarn in the shop and which hits him right in the groin.

In which Rey learns about a startling kink of her new boyfriend, and in which, much later, they roleplay it.

“They’re monsters,” she burst out angrily. She could still smell the blood and smoke from Jakku. A villain who led the charge and a villain who funded the violence. She hated them both. “They are,” Finn agreed. “The Black Knight drinks the blood of dragons, and that’s what makes him so powerful.” “Then he is quite as much a monster as the dragon,” Rey said heatedly.

She does her best not to think of that now. It’s a friendly competition, after all. It’s not life and death. It’s baking.

Rey glares at him and he sidles away. The pilot is the reason that Rey hates the stars. He gets to fly through them in ships she builds, and she never will. And he always manages to damage the ships.

Ben woke, but Luke’s saber wasn’t ignited. Instead, he saw a master who had shattered his trust, who thought he was a monster, and—worse—he was probably right. So he fled Yavin IV, to Skywalker’s dismay, and no one heard from him since. Years later, on a wasteland planet, a girl and a fugitive stormtrooper steal a Corellian YT-1300 light freighter.

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