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It was supposed to be an easy in, easy out mission. But she wasn't expecting to find Kylo Ren like that. The last thing she'd expected was to find sympathy for her enemy.

Ben seeks out Rey through the Force again after the credits roll.

The Force connects them at the most inopportune moments.

One year after the final act of TFA Rey concocts a plan to infiltrate the new Starkiller Base as a new hire in mechanics. There she meets Matt, who has just been hired as well. Unbeknownst to her Kylo Ren has concealed his identity to intercept her operation. But neither one of them are prepared for the large plan at play. [mildly crack, but also plot driven]

Rey pushes their fight in a different direction.

The sequel to "battleworn", in which Rey and Ben face each other on the battlefield once more.

Every night he ends up in her bed.

Rey chooses to stay, but she never wanted to rule.


Rey and Ben are friends. Like. Best friends. Totally platonic. What on earth could ever change that?


Rey is a loner. Kylo is a terrible leader. After the events of The Last Jedi, they're both just as lost as ever, stuck in roles that don't quite fit - only now, there's a powerful bond between them that keeps reminding them just how out-of-step they are. When Rey decides to leave her friends in the Resistance and try to forge her own path, independent of the power struggle, Kylo abandons his post as the new Supreme Leader to track down the (new) last Jedi. The repercussions of those choices, and the ones yet to be made, will cast ripples throughout the galaxy.


In which an era falls to pieces.

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With the help of rich Unca Wanwo, flagrant misuse of Ben's creative writing degree, and copious amounts of coffee, Ben and Rey put together the porno of the century, starring themselves and their friends . . . with interesting results.


In which Rey is a Jedi Knight sworn to protect her childhood friend, Ben Solo.

What do you get when you have unprotected sex with a girl you barely know at your father's funeral? A baby, apparently.

Collection of my Kinktober 2018 prompts.


This wasn’t the first time Kylo had been summoned at an inconvenient time. Nor would it be the last. His hair was still dripping from the bath he had stepped from only minutes before; he should count himself fortunate he had already tugged on a pair of loose trousers.

“Think of this as a little punishment for making me wait so long,” he told her, voice rumbling in his chest. “I’m going to push you to the edge and keep you there, and you are going to enjoy every second of it. Understand, Rey?”

Rey sells BB-8 to Unkar Plutt and with the droid in the hands of the First Order at last, Kylo Ren discovers it doesn't have the map.

Rey jolted into wakefulness to a scene both familiar and foreign. Panic crawled its way up her throat as she remembered where she had been last and took in the stark environment that now surrounded her. The last thing she had seen before succumbing to a forced state of slumber had been the fanged snout and empty gaze of a black mask.

He threw the stick into drive, fixing his dark look on the road as he merged into traffic. “‘If Kylo tries to pull a move,’” he mimicked with a sneer. “As if I’m not allowed to pull a move on my own girlfriend.” “I’m sorry,” she repeated, more quietly. It was impossible to not realize that keeping their relationship a secret bothered him but he was always so adamant. We’ll wait until you’re ready.

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For a moment he assumed she was someone’s familiar, but there were few witches in the area. Kylo sincerely doubted any of them would be so cruel as to have their companion fend for themselves in the streets, especially when considering how small she was. Still, there was something undeniably clever about her.

She knew that some omegas ignored the archaic pull to be mated. There was some debate over how voluntary an omega’s participation in mating could be, though she knew many of those that argued against it were betas that had never experienced a heat to begin with. What could they possibly know?


Rey isn't obsessed with Ben. Not at all. She just really enjoys staring at his ass as it moves beneath yoga pants. When she starts seeing him outside of the yoga studio, Rey slowly realizes that Ben has been keeping something from her: something dark, something awful, and something that doesn't have anything to do with yoga pants.


It’s the voice she imagines he must use when he’s ordering around underlings in NYU’s history department. Direct. Commanding. A tone of voice that brooks no opposition. Under normal circumstances the way he’s speaking to her right now would just be another reason for her to despise him. But right now, any part of her that might be offended is long gone, and she wants nothing more in the world than to submit to him and give him anything he wants.

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