Instead of leaving Kylo on Starkiller Base, Rey takes him captive for the Resistance. Not compliant with The Last Jedi.


Sketches of a love affair in five hues.

Rey and Ben aren't exactly experts when it comes to sex. Ben has watched some holoporn, Rey has seen a lot of animals mating on Jakku — and that's about it. But! They're both extremely eager to figure it out. So, take: two space virgins, one somewhat unorthodox frame of reference, a whole lot of loving, fluffy smut and what do you get? This filth.

The year is 1994. The Iron Curtain has come down, the oligarchs have begun their rise to power, and Kyril Ren, a powerful member of the infamous crime syndicate Solntsevskaya Bratva, has been given a job: hunt down an estranged uncle who has been snitching to the FBI. Irena, nicknamed Rey by her adoptive father Luke, is a Krav Maga instructor in New York who has finally been able to obtain her original birth certificate from Russia. Turns out she was born in a little village named Vershinino, but if she wants to know more than that… she’s going to have to go there herself.

Informal Sweetheart; dear. Used as a term of endearment.

When a star collapses, there are three stages: black hole, neutron star, white dwarf. No one – well, almost no one – in the whole galaxy burns as brightly as Supreme Leader Ren. But all men, like stars, must die. In other words: this is Star Wars, by way of Sliding Doors. Or perhaps Star Wars, by way of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Variations on the inevitable, is what I’m saying. Because there are a lot of different ways a person can ‘die’... y'know?

Kylo from TS vs Kyrill from GIKNWAFIKNW

But when she opened her eyes, she glanced back at her husband; he was watching her with rapt attention, his dark eyes lidded, clutching the fabric of her shirtwaist in his huge shaking fists. Well. She would only ever have the one honeymoon, wouldn’t she?

persuasion AU

Pretty much what it says on the label! Somebody suggested to me that I post these five-sentence [and sometimes six because I cheated] prompt fills from Tumblr onto AO3, so I have done just that.


Hanna knows what she will become. She has also decided she is ready for when she finds out who she came from.

The night before his execution, Kylo Ren asks to see Rey.

Rey has been a ward of the Organa-Solo family since the age of six. Her memories of their only son Ben Solo are brief but powerful. Now, after a thirteen year absence, he has taken possession of a home within close range of his old family seat. Rey believes a reconciliation can come about.

A curse said in rage and error has haunted the Skywalker family for fifty years. The man on the throne a mystery behind a mask. Rey could never anticipate just what role she would play in setting them all free.

Ben must step up to the plate and be the strong one at last. My tribute to Carrie Fisher 1956-2016

Hogwarts was the first home Rey ever had. Now she has a chance to return as a grown woman to be the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. She cannot tolerate the Potions Master and former Death Eater that she duelled and scarred so many years ago. Yet unity must be upheld.

What happens after the Happily Ever After? Ren and Rey during their life at Hogwarts. Follow up to Nocturnal Studies and Other Peculiar Magic. Star Wars in a Harry Potter world.

Rose's new position at Hogwarts makes her a witness to the strange dynamic of the Organa-Solo family.

Rey decided she hated Lord Benjamin Solo before she even met him. So when he comes to take his rightful place as heir to Ileenium Manor where she works as a maid, it will test Rey in ways she couldn't have imagined.

He'd been twenty-four, hot on the heels of pursuing a Masters degree in English and fresh out of his anger management courses at the insistence of his mother. He felt calm and confident. Almost cocky. The idea that he would piss away his entire life for the sake of some doe-eyed teenager twirling her hair was almost laughable. Six years later, he would be wiser. Six years later, he would find out temptation weren't short skirts and batted eyelashes. It was in the form of hazel eyes, an eager mind and a smile that could soothe the ice burn on even Ren's soul.

She's having a baby. He's going to be a father. But who would wish the Skywalker blood on anyone?

Rey's move to West Virginia to work as a prison nurse is met with an unexpected twist when she meets a particular 'accident prone' prison inmate.

The discovery of a new unknown Duchess of the House of Kenobi brings new life to the Rebellion Court. Having lost their old Queen Leia, Rey and Han are forced into a deeply unconventional but quietly happy marriage. Having never had a family of her own, Rey sees Han as the father figure she always longed for. So when the disgraced Prince returns to court to make amends with his aging King, how will he take to the girl who is now effectively his stepmother? Medieval/Tudor Reylo.

Rey wanted to surprise Ben with a sexy gift. And according to the adult shop assistant, the gold slave girl outfit is very popular...

Rey was used to receiving criticism. She’d had ample experience of it her entire life. Even her parents had rejected her by leaving her on the steps of the local fire-station when she wasn’t even old enough to toddle. People were sadly more prone to criticise than anything else in the world. When Rey gets a scathing review from cooking royalty Kylo Ren, she ritaliates as only she could. Soon a compromise is made: They need to endure dinner together.

Rey wants a baby. Ben wants a baby. Should be straightforward... right?

Kylo looks through an old photo album.

Finn and Rey live in their apartment. Poe and Kylo live across the hall (to their mutual chagrin). What happens when Kylo, Rey, Finn, Poe, Jess and Rose are thrown together to stumble through life. A Friends Reylo AU.

Rey is tasked with keeping renowned Senator and son of Leia Organa, Ben Solo, safe from harm. She is meant to keep herself distant, ever present and unobtrusive.

Life didn't turn out exactly the way Rey imagined but she never imagined she could be this happy. Ben and herself were a good team with their daughter and proved themselves to be good parents. So if it worked once... why not again?

Clyde Logan likes his bacon burnt. But no-one else seems to like it like that. Except the beautiful British girl in the next booth...

Finn meets up with Rey after many years absence.

Leia Organa-Solo is a lady of a fine estate, great fortune and a male heir. The only thing she's missing is female company. Luckily Han Solo comes across a lady with need of a new home. But Rey Niima is no ordinary lady. Not to polite society and certainly not to Leia's wayward son...

Fun fact: Ben Solo is a filthy kisser.

Every relationship has their firsts - first meeting, first kiss, first date. And Rey and Ben are no different. How they come about these moments - well, living in a Galaxy far, far away will throw in a few curve-balls.

Father Garupe is sent to the Restoration Court to be a confessor to the Catholic Queen and her ladies. He is stricken by guilt at not being able to follow his friend to Japan... and stricken by the sweet young woman who insists on calling him her friend and who has a face sweet enough to be the Madonna.

Prompt: Rey teasing Ben about his Alderanian prince status

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