So, my friend made me watch OUAT because she is an hardcore fan, but she needed someone to fangirl about it together. After 1x12 she saw me drawn in my feelz and.. here I am! Since i found very difficult to search for good Rumbelle fics I decided to make my own Rec list (^.^) Warning: I go down on smut and angst so I usually read Mature and Explicit ahahah -but fluff and crack are good too XD) ...

Autor: TheStraggletag Rating: Explicit Tag: Canon Smut Crack Published: 2012-05-19 Words: 3661 Chapters: 1/1 Summary: Belle understands the fact that Rumplestiltskin is a very sought-out man, but such continuous demand can sometimes get in the way of... things Alhena's Note: AHAHAHAH CRACK and SMUT together? better than icecream! Prompt: Mildly AU, I guess? Anyway, you know how in “Heart of Darkness” Snow White and The Dwarves visit Rumpelstiltskin? And then later Charming? I’d like it if there was a fic where they walk in on Rumpelstiltskin going down on Belle on his table.

Autor: tjmystic Rating: Explicit Tag: Canon Smut Dubious Consent Summary: Gold spend the night with "racy Lacey" against his better judgment. It all goes downhill from there. Published: 2013-03-04 Words: 1519 Chapters: 1/1 Autor's Note: Not even sorry, guys. Do carry on… Alhena's Note: a little bit angsty but if you need to fed your inner masochist, this is good!

Autor: DD Agent Rating: Teen and up Tag: UA Romance Drama Summary: Dark One Belle LeFay makes a deal with spinner Rumpelstiltskin that changes both of them. Reverse Skin Deep AU. Published: 2012-04-13 Words: 18,605 Chapters: 5/5 Alhena's Note: ok, at the beginning I was confused, but after i finished all the 5 parts, I changed my mind. Well written and well cenceived. I really loved the fact that the autor designed all the symbols reverted for the POV of Belle!DarkOne. I still don't like how she described them, but, hey, no one is perfect :)

Autor: TheStraggletag Rating: Explicit Tag: AU Angst Crack Funny Smut Summary: Mr Gold, hardened Wall Street businessman, finds himself addicted to something only Starbucks can offer… other that the coffee. Series Begun: 2012-05-19 Series Updated: 2015-04-07 Words: 87,201 Works: 6 Complete: No Alhena's Note: sooooo this is so difficult! since is a serie I can't just leave a comment on every work, so I'll just say "THIS IS FUCKING ADORABLE! the way the autor choose the names or the job or the symbols... it's clear she made a great effort in this!" ok think this will be ok LOL

Autor: Nym Rating: Explicit Tag: UA Smut Angst Romance Summary: His price is her hand in marriage. Published: 2012-04-07 on going Words:__ 654480 Chapters: 123/? Autor's Note: As of June 2015, I'm taking a break from participating in fandom. I'm still working on A Bed of Thorns and will continue to post it, but "Nym" will be offline until further notice, and not checking inboxes, so please don't be offended if you do not receive a reply to a comment or e-mail. Avoiding further exposure to the less pleasant side of fandom is the only way I'm able to carry on writing/posting, and A Bed of Thorns means the world to me Alhena's Note: ok, this is The FF that made me a true Rumbeller! It's a UA of 1x12 in which "His price is her hand in marriage" it's currently on going, but Nym will finish it (i hope dnbkjndkjklmdfs) Enjoy the side stories she wrote! When I finioshed the chapeters she uploaded I fell in disgrace, but when I found this ss Rumple'POV my heart missed a beat LOL

Autor: Fyre Rating: Explicit Tag: AU Georgian Period, historical Summary: Isabelle Maurice, daughter of Viscount Cranbrook, is a young woman of wilful temper, little fortune and few prospects. With her father's health in decline, she must venture reluctantly into the new season in the hopes of finding a suitable match. Published: 2012-05-21 Words:__ 106669 Chapters: 25/25 Autor's Note: I love the late 18th/early 19th century switchover and this story is entirely to be blamed on a recent re-read of The Scarlet Pimpernel. It's one of my favourite adventure books, and originally, I wanted this to be a crossover, but then, it went and turned to pure AU, and lo, we have Once Upon a Time, in the sort-of-pre-Regency period. Alhena's Note: i really really really like this fic. i can say that one of my favourite books is pride and prejudice, and to see Belle e Sweet Rumple and other characters set there is endearing! About the story, nothing to say! It's perfect aweee everyone is a little bit ooc -no ok maybe a lot sometimes- and after some chapters i forgot i was reading a rumbelle. but this is what happens when the AU is truly AU (does it make sense to you?) but still i really like it!

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