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I go by the name Arkiel, simply address me as Arkiel, Arki, or Kiel. My pronouns are they/them, and I'm in my legal age.

And as for this account, I am an cyber account and tweet about random things. I talk and babbling a lot here, rants and sometimes ( but rarely ) talk in harsh words too.

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Before you follow, these are things I likely talk about here.

  • Dramas! I'm interested in dramas, and mostly talk about dramas here like 24/7. If you feel uncomfortable with it, just unfollow me right away.
  • My favs! My current favs are ATEEZ, TNX, Korean actor & actress, Dream Catcher and some boygroups/girlgroups too. I might talk a lot about them here.
  • My life, I sometimes do rants about my life or my RP life here.
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For those who might confused who am I or where we meet, maybe this could help you!

My current handler:

  • @INHYU7K
  • @Eunmhwi

OA/SQ/GDM I've ever joined.

  • SiteForHeal
  • TheAraish
  • Trouper ( GDM )
  • Actorious ( GDM )
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