Jan Evander Wilson is the name I go by, Just simply address me as Evan since “Evander” sounds too long.

• He/Him

• Has reached legal age

• Current time zone: GMT+7

• ISTJ. I love doing my thing while someone else doing is in the room doing their thing. With the personality of completing a task once it is started, I do it faithfully without complaining silently, it is more convenient to me to do it ane-on-one ar alone than with several people

• Sagittarius sun, Scorpio moon, and Sagittarius rising

• Songs? I don't really have a favorite. I just listen to whatever I like, whether pop, alternative rock, indie rock, and R&B

• I talked a lot about ANIMANGA. My faves are: One Piece, Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man, Dr. Stone, Vagabond, Fire Force, ...

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• I speak in English but sometimes when I talk with my friends, I use Bahasa. I rant a lot about anything. Use a harsh words, do not interact if you find it annoying

• Do not follow me if you're under 16 y.o because my account isn't safe for a minors. You being racist, romanticizing tragic incident, engage in fanwars, and didn't use TW / CW for any triggering tweet

• Do respect my privacy and anything that I share here, don't screenshot anything that I tweeted here. What happened in here stays in here, let's respect each other boundaries

• You guys might familiar with my handles so whenever we met in the past, but please never call me with my old alias in public. I don't mind at all if you do it in a private but don't do it in public

Side note: Do softblock if you want to break the mutual, tell me through DM if I ever made a mistake. Lastly, for anyone wh...

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