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Hello! My name is Canoe, and I love names and name etymology. This is just a place where I record the names I like and the reasons why. I have a love for boy names as opposed to girl names. Check them out!

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These are names that I think sound simply beautiful, but have horrible meanings, or meanings that I can't get past. The meaning of the name is included


  • Philippa (nn Pippa) - this name means Lover of Horses. If you know me, then you know that I have a phobia of horses. Such a shame as Philippa is so distinguished and classic sounding, with spunky Pippa as a nickname to liven things up.
  • Claudia - this names means Lame in Latin. Such a shame to name your daughter after something that has such a negative connotation (also, name derives from a horse with a broken leg... do we see a theme here?)
  • Penelope (nn Penny) - This name means She with a web on her face. I don't think that is a pleasant meaning, as I conjure up images of cadavers that have been left to decompose and spiders that have moved in to make their nests.


  • Amos - not that it has a bad meaning, but it sounds an awful lot like 'anus'
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