• Shirts and pants that were intentionally way too big for me (seventh-eighth grade)
  • My "Make 7UP Yours!" T-shirt (eighth grade)
  • Dark red highlights in my hair, shirts and shoes (sophomore year of high school)
  • hemp necklace (sophomore-junior years of high school)
  • duct tape bracelet (freshman-senior years of high school)
  • Kairos cross (Senior year of high school and sporadically whenever I remember)
  • Intentionally "casual nerdy" shirts (freshman year of college)
  • Color coordinating my shirts with my boxers (Freshman year of college-present)
  • Never wearing shorts no matter how hot it is out (sophomore year of college-present)
  • Clothes with a lot of holes in them, almost showing off how rarely I bought clothes and therefore how little of a consumer I was. For a while, this was my way of being environmentally friendly and having a small footprint.
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