• If you eat Life cereal every day, you will live forever.
  • Everyone has a twin. Some are just separated at birth.
  • I got my name because of pica.
  • Somewhere in the universe, the letters of the alphabet exist outside of our drawings and writing, and we use them for language because they were cool people/creatures. K was the most energetic, and C was the depressed mopey one, overshadowed by K in every way. I'm pretty sure this belief came from a cartoon that I thought was real, but I'm not sure.
  • I can fly if I practice long enough.
  • Mom really will break her back if I step on a crack (it's absurd how far out of my way I went with this one).
  • Every video game character exists in a universe outside ours. They're stars, like actors. They don't like dying.
  • The real Barney died in a tragic air conditioning accident, and was replicated in children's television syndication to honor his memory.
  • If I can ride my tricycle all the way to a girl's house without either set of parents knowing, she will have to marry me (I actually tried this once).
  • The milkman is a killer.
  • If two people hold hands, they have to forgive each other (I went really far out of my way for this one shortly after my parents divorced when I was four).
  • Anything I bury will turn into a tree of that object (which means there's a lot of money buried in the backyard).
  • When people die, they turn into dogs. It's actually my grandfather that pees all over my floor (I'm pretty sure this belief came from getting a dog shortly after he died).
  • Boys can have babies together too, but the girls won't tell us how because they want us to marry them instead.
  • Once I start a book, movie or video game for the first time, the characters are frozen in time every time I stop, and only resume life once I continue. They can't do anything new with their lives until I finish the book, movie or video game (To this day, this childhood belief makes me really concerned with how things end, even if I find them to be mediocre or terrible works of art).
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