• Make Conference (failed admirably, redirected intent to #26)
  • Run a marathon (DONE)
  • Skydive
  • Use Red in a show (DONE - Pandapocalypse forever!)
  • Serenade a girl at her window
  • Share the perfect kiss [and don't tell] (DONE)
  • Finally beat Nathan in something English major-related (DONE- won a Donaldson Prize!)
  • Contribute to ten other Bucket Lists (contributed to Sean Bouyack and Emily Corwin so far)
  • "Burn the birds" (DONE)
  • Qualify for Nationals or win a local pokemon tournament one more time [in 2010] (DONE - on both accounts!)
  • Write 100 poems in one summer or 10 songs in one summer.
  • Perform 100 consecutive pushups
  • Bench my own weight (DONE)
  • Make out with a total stranger (DONE)
  • Fool around with a guy, just to see what it's like (DONE)
  • Play ultimate with the Ultimate Ultimaters (DONE)
  • Visit the old house on Lincoln (DONE)
  • Acquire the meat sign (DONE)
  • Delete the Rickroll ringback before I enter the job market (DONE)
  • Kiss, hook up with, or start a relationship with a top 5 pirate (DONE - on all three accounts now, too!)
  • Be the "anti-Warner" (DONE - graduated with one honor, though it was removed from the Senior Awards Symposium for "time budgeting" reasons)
  • Pay back public transportation with interest. (DONE)
  • Go to a concert with a real mosh pit (DONE - mosh pitted and crowd surfed, and was dropped on concrete to boot)
  • Attempt the Cool Hand Luke (DONE)
  • Suit up and play laser tag with Bill (DONE)
  • Shake Coach's Hand (DONE)
  • Go back to the train station. :) (DONE)
  • Attempt either the "Hero And The Pig" play or "The Naked Man."
may 20 2010 ∞
nov 21 2013 +
user picture emily: hahahahaha i found you!!! may 24 2010
user picture Chalkey: I can see that. And you shall soon see that I deleted my other list. Sorry, but no cheat sheets for you. may 25 2010
user picture asperatus: I assume from #15 that you're a guy. How was it? And how did you initiate #14? What was "burn the birds"? Is that even legal?? jul 14 2011