• Highest Tier

Who is seen the most or mentioned the most. Highly sensitive to doubles so they're marked with a ☆ but it depends alot on my mood. Sorry not sorry?

  • Mains

Just under the highest tier. Pretty similar to the highest tier category. Not okay with doubles but are definitely more flexible. Just ask! I try to be sympathetic though I really do.

  • Secondary

These are where im somewhat okay with doubles. It fluctuates alot since this is a coping mechanism.

  • Tertiary

This is more of a 'on the back-burner' placement. They still hold their weight to me heavily but it's like saying 'thats me' with less force. These also make it above comfort level because they are closer to the heart.

  • Comforts

Its just like what it sounds like, these are characters that I don't kin or have kinsidered to a very minor degree that bring comfort to me just enough but don't make it on any list. That or they're just characters related to an actual kin that make me feel at home.

aug 9 2019 ∞
mar 29 2023 +