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  • Cigarette Smoke: people who smoke while walking out doors or in the car angers me. It's hard for me to get away from the smoke and anytime I inhale the smoke it aggravates my throat.
  • Crowded places: I really don't like going anywhere that is overly crowded with people. The idea of Skin rubbing on each other and body sweat really grosses me out. I also don't like having to walk behind a large group of slow people.
  • people who don't flush the toilet after using it: Gross. Simple as that!
  • Perfume: It annoys me when people wear way too much perfume/cologne/body spray in public.
  • Slow Internet Connection
  • Text Messaging: It annoys me to see people who text message while driving or when I am having a conversation with them.
  • People with bad table manners.: When people eat with their mouths open irks me. It's absolutely disgusting, especially when a person talks to me with their mouth full! Yuck, Yuck, Yuck!
  • when people get on a bus or elevator but don't let people off first: They are not much more important! I don't understand how difficult it is for people to wait a couple of seconds. -.- They are not going anywhere until everyone has left. *sigh*
  • when people lick their fingers before flipping pages: The idea of someone's saliva on a piece of paper in my hand grosses me out.
  • Missed phone calls: I rarely ever miss a phone call, but I hate when I miss them because every phone call is important to me!
  • When people say "I miss you": when they never made an effort to talk or spend time with me. If you have the time to use the restroom, then you have the time to pick up the phone or e-mail me. No need to say you miss me when you don't try to keep in touch.
  • when people... get close or on me when I am standing in a line to get my merchandise rung up.
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