I'm pretty much scar free.

      • Birth
  • Right, rear abdomen; above the hip - (more of a birthmark)
    • faintly appears - extra skin due to complications at birth.
      • Age 6-8
  • Pencil point, lodged in my right palm.
    • Got excited guessing the right price when watching the "Price is Right" w/ my grandma; did a cartwheel with a pencil in my hand
      • ?
  • Base of left middle finger - very faint, short line
    • no idea where it came from
        • Age 22
  • Right arm just below wrist & Right middle finger - Burn marks
    • Fell asleep with scented candle next to bed when I brought home a lost kitten, who smelled awful. His name is Rufio, and I love him very much. ... oh I woke up with 3ft flames on my feet due to my nylon topped comforter falling on the candle. yeah.
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