I have learned a few things... from mistakes, and life in general, so far. These are my words of advice:

  • Never mix business with pleasure (unless your business IS your pleasure & visa-versa)
  • Know the answers before you ask the {accusatory} questions
  • Nothing good comes from rushing
  • The truth doesn't matter as much as how you react to those truths
  • Go with your gut; your first instinct.
  • Don't drive drunk
  • Try to trust as much as possible but, know that most are unworthy of said trust.
  • Love is dangerous; Love is fragile; Love is a line; Love is fantastic; Love is awful. - Treat it as such.
  • Don't joke to your coworker about their pretty daughter, they don't like that.
  • If you come across a Twinkie, do not eat it, they were discontinued early in the year 2013; Even the freshest of Twinkies was never really that good to begin with.
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