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hey there! i love you and i hope you're having a nice day!

salem starmoon follows:
  • sebastian starmoon! (or salem if you're familiar with that name)
  • 20 / june 1st / gemini
  • he/his only please!
  • LGBT+, afro-latinx-native, wiccan
  • colorado, usa
  • in love
  • the goth guy you'll love to hate.
  • i'm currently a sophomore in college studying studio art, soon to be animation and illustration!
  • artist + writer

i'm an aesthetic enthusiast.

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nov 11 2018 +

Please refer to my FAQ. If unsure about anything here, PLEASE send me a message or an ask about it.

  • I will vocalize my opinions, thoughts, and feelings on many topics. My opinions are my own and are reflective of my beliefs + values.
  • My accounts are a safe space for all.
  • I will tag ANYTHING you ask me to. Please message me if you need something tagged.
  • Please don't steal/reference/copy/trace my artwork, characters, writings, etc.
  • Don't repost my work or remove watermarks or captions.
  • I don't interact with bigots or apologists for the sake of my own mental health.
  • I do not take requests or do art trades at the moment. If you are interested in getting art from me, please ask me about my commissions, which are closed at the moment!
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aug 15 2018 +

please keep in mind i won't always be active all the time on my social medias- in fact, I'm more active on certain accounts than I will be on others!


main art accounts:

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  • tv shows:
    • my little pony: friendship is magic
    • steven universe
    • doctor who
    • motorcity
    • we bare bears
    • scooby-doo
    • the get down
    • the empress of china
    • american horror story
    • space dandy
  • movies:
    • the princess and the frog
    • moana
    • lilo & stitch
    • toy story
    • what happened to monday
    • my little pony: the movie
    • nerve
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