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All my lists are incomplete and unsorted. The majority of my lists are to keep track of favorites or keep track of things to try.

  • Alternative

■Alternative Rock ■College Rock ■Experimental Rock ■Goth Rock ■Grunge ■Hardcore Punk ■Hard Rock ■Indie Rock ■New Wave ■Progressive Rock ■Punk

•Blues ■Acoustic Blues ■Chicago Blues ■Classic Blues ■Contemporary Blues ■Country Blues ■Delta Blues ■Electric Blues

•Children’s Music ■Lullabies ■Sing-Along ■Stories

•Classical ■Avant-Garde ■Baroque ■Chamber Music ■Chant ■Choral ■Classical Crossover ■Early Music ■High Classical ■Impressionist ■Medieval ■Minimalism ■Modern Composition ■Opera ■Orchestral ■Renaissance ■Romantic ■Wedding Music

•Comedy ■Novelty ■Standup Comedy

•Country ■Alternative Country ■Americana ■Bluegrass ■Contemporary Bluegrass ■Contemporary Country ■Country Gospel ■Honky Tonk ■Outlaw Country ■Traditional Bluegrass ■Traditional Country ■Urban Cowboy

•Dance ■Breakbeat ■Dubstep ■Exercise ■Garage ■Hardcore ■House ■Jungle/Drum’n'bass ■Techno ■Trance

•Disney •Easy Listening ■Bop ■Lounge ■Swing

•Electronic ■Ambient ■Downtempo ■Electronica ■IDM/Experimental ■Industrial •Hip-Hop/Rap ■Alternative Rap ■Dirty South ■East Coast Rap ■Gangsta Rap ■Hardcore Rap ■Hip-Hop ■Latin Rap ■Old School Rap ■Rap ■Underground Rap ■West Coast Rap

•Holiday ■Chanukah ■Christmas ■Christmas: Children’s ■Christmas: Classic ■Christmas: Classical ■Christmas: Jazz ■Christmas: Modern ■Christmas: Pop ■Christmas: R&B ■Christmas: Religious ■Christmas: Rock ■Easter ■Halloween ■Holiday: Other ■Thanksgiving

•Indie Pop •Industrial •Inspirational – Christian & Gospel ■CCM ■Christian Metal ■Christian Pop ■Christian Rap ■Christian Rock ■Classic Christian ■Contemporary Gospel ■Gospel ■Christian & Gospel ■Praise & Worship ■Southern Gospel ■Traditional Gospel

•Instrumental ■March (Marching Band)

•J-Pop ■J-Rock ■J-Synth ■J-Ska ■J-Punk

•Jazz ■Avant-Garde Jazz ■Big Band ■Contemporary Jazz ■Cool ■Crossover Jazz ■Dixieland ■Fusion ■Hard Bop ■Latin Jazz ■Mainstream Jazz ■Ragtime ■Smooth Jazz ■Trad Jazz

•K-Pop •Karaoke •Kayokyoku •Latino ■Alternativo & Rock Latino ■Baladas y Boleros ■Brazilian ■Contemporary Latin ■Latin Jazz ■Pop Latino ■Raíces ■Reggaeton y Hip-Hop ■Regional Mexicano ■Salsa y Tropical

•New Age ■Environmental ■Healing ■Meditation ■Nature ■Relaxation ■Travel

•Opera •Pop ■Adult Contemporary ■Britpop ■Pop/Rock ■Soft Rock ■Teen Pop

•R&B/Soul ■Contemporary R&B ■Disco ■Doo Wop ■Funk ■Motown ■Neo-Soul ■Quiet Storm ■Soul

•Reggae ■Dancehall ■Dub ■Roots Reggae ■Ska

•Rock ■Adult Alternative ■American Trad Rock ■Arena Rock ■Blues-Rock ■British Invasion ■Death Metal/Black Metal ■Glam Rock ■Hair Metal ■Hard Rock ■Metal ■Jam Bands ■Prog-Rock/Art Rock ■Psychedelic ■Rock & Roll ■Rockabilly ■Roots Rock ■Singer/Songwriter ■Southern Rock ■Surf ■Tex-Mex

•Singer/Songwriter ■Alternative Folk ■Contemporary Folk ■Contemporary Singer/Songwriter ■Folk-Rock ■New Acoustic ■Traditional Folk

•Soundtrack ■Foreign Cinema ■Musicals ■Original Score ■Soundtrack ■TV Soundtrack

•Spoken Word •Vocal ■Standards ■Traditional Pop ■Vocal Jazz ■Vocal Pop

•World ■Africa ■Afro-Beat ■Afro-Pop ■Asia ■Australia ■Cajun ■Caribbean ■Celtic ■Celtic Folk ■Contemporary Celtic ■Drinking Songs ■Europe ■France ■Hawaii ■Indian Pop ■Japan ■Japanese Pop ■Klezmer ■Middle East ■North America ■Polka ■South Africa ■South America ■Traditional Celtic ■Worldbeat ■Zydeco

  • Anime
  • disney
  • Enka- Japanese style of music /sing slow ballads in vibrato style- Kitajima Saburou 1960s and 1970s
  • French Pop
  • German Folk
  • German Pop
  • Fitness & Workout
  • Indie Pop
  • Industrial
  • K-Pop
  • Karaoke
  • Kayokyoku
  • opera
  • Spoken Word
  • ballad


  • Vibrato- when a singer sings a note at a fluctuating pitch

kobushi-vibrato that enka singers employ

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