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We are The Equinox Group!
we are all different beings, please respect that, we use different pronouns but They/Them will work for all unless stated otherwise.
(do not call us a system and please do not refer to us as systemmates/alters/headmates)

Equinox follows:
  • Facet: one side of something many-sided, especially of a cut gem (direct defintion)

(We use this when referring to Pie and their facets, as to give an idea)

  • Mix: a blend or 'fusion' of two or more members, and at times can include 'influence' from another member who may not be a Part of the 'mix/fusion'

Mixes for the most part are considered their own person and can talk about the people who make them up by name, though they are comprised of 2 or more members.

  • Median: (OUR USE OF THE TERM) connected in some way or another (a 'string' connecting two or more beings), does not make any of said beings not their OWN INDIVIDUAL
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