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Jellyfish ent. 1st girl group, 2016 June 28 ~ 2020 December 31
Hana Soyee Sejeong Nayoung Hyeyeon Haebin Mimi Sally Mina

Have a nice day, danjjaks & sesangs ^-^

Twitter: @chanchandradewi

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Kim Chungha s... Chungha Vlog (C'hung Harang)
Killing Me
Official MV
Music & OST

Mimi’s Kitchen

Sally’s Fun Korean Class

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Not all of the shows have eng sub.

I know some links are broken, but I don't have much time to check and update the old shows one by one.

If you found the broken links or have video links that I don't have, let me know. Contact me on twitter. Thank you~

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