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-Laura, 21, she/it, and trying 2 be the best me I can be every day !! <3

-Happily taken by my husband Oddsockzx <3

-my fav color is pink and i love raccoons and bunnies (please show me vids/pics of those!)

-I have a form of colorblindness!

-my account is private but I'm open 2 follow reqs, don't be nervous 2 try !! I'll literally only deny if u weird me out or ur a blank profile.

-I make breakcore/hyperpop music and I draw 4 fun, but this page is mostly me rambling about my interests and posting whatever comes 2 mind, so don't expect daily art-related posts please! I don't take myself all that serious :)

-I'm not a furry nor am I affiliated with the community, I just draw cartoon animals bc its what I'm good at. I also draw a lot of horror movie, fandom, and band fa...

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-Horror Movies/Musicals/Horror comedy


-Sonic The Hedgehog

-Internet Horror

-Mascot Characters

-Screamers/"Scary Pop Up" videos

-odd strange obscure music

-Raver Culture

-2000's video games/flash games

-Halloween animatronics/retail

-Animatronics/robotics in general

-Valentines Day

-Figure Collecting



-Gemmy Toys/Props

-Optical Illusions

-Educational PC Games

-Bootleg toys


-Dental care


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-I listen to a lot of happy hardcore and thunderdome compilations :)

-Wednesday 13


-Maniac Spider Trash

-Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13


-Cradle Of Filth

-The entirety of Haunted Mound

-Clown Core


-Nine Inch Nails

-Skinny Puppy

-Pretty much any speedcore/terrorcore/breakcore that's not by cruddy people

-Kim Dracula

-DJ Gyrotta Zao

-Dj Sisen



-Passenger Of Shit

-Bubblegum Octopus

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If you see me share a tweet (or interact with) someone who does this nasty stuff let me know in DMs. I try to check pages beforehand, but sometimes people are sneaky and slip thru the cracks. Ill gladly block them and most likely call them out if its one of the more severe offenses.

Also, for gods sakes, don't send your friends or alts to come check up on me if I block you. Clearly there's a reason I don't wanna talk anymore, leave me be.


-Racist/Transphobic/Homophobic but im pretty sure thats a given

-MIW fans (Personal reasons id prefer not to publicly talk about but PLEASE stay away from me.)

-pedophile/MAP/Pear Emoji/Lolicore

-Babyfur/ABDL/DDLG/LB kink people

-basic dni criteria


-If you think watching IRL gore is fun an...

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(ones with ♥ are current favorites, and ♥♥ are my all time husbands! please send me pictures of these ones, or talk to me about them!)

-Whisper (Spookers NZ Haunt Attraction)♥♥♥

-Vincent Sinclair (House Of Wax)♥♥

-Gabriel (Malignant)♥♥

- Red Guy (DHMIS)♥♥

-Thumper (The Butterfly Effect)♥

-The Man (Cradle Of Fear)♥

-Art The Clown (Terrifier)♥

-Eric Draven (The Crow)♥

-Swan (Lollipop Chainsaw)♥

-Young Papa Nihil (Ghost, 1969)♥

-Zombo (Rob Zombie's The Munsters)♥

-Bubba Sawyer / Thomas Hewitt / Leatherface (TCM franchise)♥

-Ice Cream Truck Guy (Coal Chamber, Loco)

-Mephiles The Dark (Sonic)

-Dr Finitevus (Sonic)

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