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  • threading wooden beads
  • vanilla lip balm
  • being 'milk monitor'
  • collecting autumn leaves
  • Hopskotch on the playground
  • drawing round our hands
  • milk teeth
  • Powder paints and PVA glue
  • gravestone rubbings
  • day trips to the seaside
  • More ice cream than I could eat
  • painting dry pasta
  • chalky hands and feet from field markings
  • walks in the woods
  • gingham dresses and woolen tights
  • one penny sweets in paper bags
  • playing with grass cuttings
  • that feeling when given a crisp new handwriting book
  • that feeling when given certificates,smiling stamps and gold stars
  • that dull ache as I left my little school and moved to secondry...
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mar 16 2011 +
user picture andthat'saboutit: hi, this list is sweet, i'm in the process of creating my own, it's nice to look back...,s mar 21 2011
user picture Kate: I often look back, I miss it. x