• SOFTBLOCK when u unfollow or i will Hardblock you
  • I am 15 so therefore i am a minor!
  • If you hate on or talk badly abt any of the groups or people i stan don’t follow
  • I tend to tweet my CC a lot so
  • i usually tend to like tweets if i see them on my tl so if you don’t like that then don’t follow ! or if i like something problematic pls tell me!!
  • pls don’t follow if u have a tendency to tweet “oomf is tweets” alot because they make me really anxious
  • if u tweet one of my triggers with an asterisk or slash i will softblock
  • if you use the words fat/skinny frequently like “my ratio is so fat etc...” then just don’t follow
apr 24 2019 ∞
apr 24 2019 +