• young life girls-- my heart has been to have a group that i connected with, loved deeply, could relate to, some that wanted an older Christian friend, some that just wanted an older friend. a group that challenges me and that i find joy & Life from being around. biggest answered prayer in college
  • true friendships with genuine women-- since i became a Christian i wanted deep friendships that were based around Christ and fun and honest. i am SO blessed to have the best friends i could ask for
  • community at acumen-- my job is not perfect, but it is a HUUUUGE blessing. holy cow. i work with some of the coolest, most beautiful (inside and out) people i have ever been around. i feel like there is this wonderful blend of friendships that challenge me and also having friendships that encourage me.
  • roommates all throughout-- i don't even know where to start here because this is broad with all the different ones i have had. you learn so much by living with people, and it has been for my good. any person i have lived with i can thank for bringing me joy at some point and for bringing flesh out of me to make me aware & want to be a better person. i really am thankful for all of them.
  • wiser, older couples-- the stutts, the bonners, the morris', the wagners, the dragers, the hunters. i honestly do not know where i would be without the guidance of these people. i know God would have used someone else to teach me, but these people have helped me so much stay accountable, grow, and learn about the Lord and myself.
  • emotional healing-- in a nutshell, the Lord was sweet in revealing things to me early on in my adulthood and helping me work through the tough stuff that has made me who i am. the best thing i can give to those in my life later on is a more whole and complete version of myself. i would hope i always strive for that.
  • education-- when i was a junior in high school, there were so many nights i cried thinking i would not be able to go to college. the Lord has been so faithful in that.
  • genuine FUN and laughter-- self explanatory. the Lord had some sweet timing in giving me a good time right before something hard happened in college, though. kind of a great memory to hold hope through my rough seasons.
  • family-- my relationships with my family have become deeper in college. i think i am aware of a lot more junk than before, so the beauty that the relationships are better now than before is just a testament to grace and the Lord working in my heart. (always room to grow, though :) )
  • singleness-- God's been great in letting me feed a lot more when i am not focused on the nutrition of only one person. i love being used in people's lives and each season i am single, God reminds me that i am able to reach so many more in these times. neither being a single or in a relationship is better because you will be sanctified either way (mark my words), so it's really just about fully being where God calls you.
  • dating-- i'm not really into dating a lot, but i don't think it is a sin either. i've dated a few people in college, and i have never felt the pursuit of God as hard as when I was trying to run away from His plans for me by dating someone. i wasn't testing God, by any means, but now that i look back, i know i can see how much God wanted me and values me. and i can only hope that He has something better for me in that (even when breaking up sucks a lot).
  • finances-- just like college, i have never gone without. God has always been faithful. providing a job, house, clothes, etc.
  • the last week of march. God really comforted me more than i can wrap my mind around. life hit me at every angle so fast, and i was only left to find complete confidence and trust in the Lord.
  • hard work-- i am SO thankful God gave me opportunities to be stretched so far beyond my strength. He has allowed so many chances to see His power made perfect in weakness and for me to be able to depend on Him. Whether that was through school, Young Life, Acumen, friendships, home life, family-- there were so many times the past 4 years where i did not see the light at the end of the tunnel (as dramatic as it seems), but God was faithful every time. not only have i been able to see His might, but it has also built my capacity and instilled work ethic and leadership in me that i didn't understand before.
  • letting go of my leadership position-- pioneering and leading a team for 4 years has been my main focus in college. that being said, it is not my identity or the only thing about me; it was simply my calling at the time. letting go of something that could be considered "my baby" has been an incredibly humbling and refreshing thing. i pray i would continue to let the Lord do in my heart what He did then: reveal Himself. and i pray the sweet team would continue doing the same. what that looks like & where it goes: all is in His contol.
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