• wake up without an alarm
  • lay in bed for a little while and just think
  • spend some sweet time with Jesus
  • eat cereal in my living room & watch something tivo'd
  • put on a cute outfit [no shower needed because this is the perfect day, and i would wake up without needing one :) ]
  • go thrifting with good friends who like to take time to just look, too
  • miss the lunch crowd because time flew by while we were having a good time & eat something we were craving
  • take a drive somewhere pretty & listen to good music and talk about our dreams and forget about the business of everyday life
  • witness God's creation and ponder His love
  • go to someone's house for a homemade dinner
  • go to a dance party, have a few beers, & just laugh a lot at how fun life is with the people you love.
  • come home, regroup, and read a little ---> fall asleep
nov 18 2010 ∞
dec 25 2011 +