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"Just because I'm scared doesn't mean I'm gonna run away! I gotta move forward!"

Kaede follows:

  • A little about me:
  • My name is Amy
  • My favorite color is blue
  • I love all of my friends dearly
  • Cats and sloths are the best animals
  • I like making friends
  • I like ghost hunting shows
  • I will almost always be in a Saitama shift
  • Please don’t follow if:
  • you’re going to be rude about my kins or my friends on this account
  • you’re going to invalidate me/my friends, are kinphobic, against lgbtq+, etc...
  • you’re going to stalk/watch my friend’s and I to gain some kind of useless information that you won’t get:)
  • Please follow if:
  • you’re a nice person
  • we have kins from similar fandoms
  • if you want to be friends!
  • Please call me by the name of the person I’m in shift of if you’d like to talk!
  • If you want to talk to another kin, by all means please do, but please don’t call me by my name if I am obviously in a shift!
  • If you kin Saitama from One Punch Man, please don’t follow!
  • The password is Caped Baldy
sep 10 2018 ∞
nov 14 2018 +