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college: university of missouri columbia
year: sophomore
age: 20
major: strategic communications (with minors in business and sociology)
hair color: ginger
employment: mc sports
sorority: kappa alpha theta
likes: sports, crafts, music, strange tv shows, shopping, painting my nails, coke
dislikes: working out, studying, reality tv, winter, mornings

KaitlinRoweton follows:
alison lo wishlist (of things i want)
Kelsey crushes (my hollywood loves - still living)
television (shows i watch now)
crushes (favorite tv leading men)
travel (countries I want to visit someday)
  • be self-confident, but not cocky
  • fly kites
  • go camping
  • go fishing
  • go to museums
  • go to summer camps
  • have a tree house
  • have pets (ugg)
  • have tea parties
  • keep a journal
  • learn another language
  • learn to build with wood
  • learn to sew
  • love each other
  • play instruments
  • read the classics
  • ride horses
  • travel
  • visit columbia
jan 8 2011 ∞
feb 14 2011 +