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college: university of missouri columbia
year: sophomore
age: 20
major: strategic communications (with minors in business and sociology)
hair color: ginger
employment: mc sports
sorority: kappa alpha theta
likes: sports, crafts, music, strange tv shows, shopping, painting my nails, coke
dislikes: working out, studying, reality tv, winter, mornings

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  • Aug 31 One week down. Sigh. Exasperated breath. Furrowed brow. (You getting a good image?)
  • Sep 16 Question: is "Tweeting" capitalized? Where's my Stylebook when I need it?!
  • Sep 27 Soc Psych Lesson of the Day: There's nothing unique about you. Ouch...
  • Sep 30 Facebook just logged me out mid- message and won't let me sign back in. Even the mighty FB thinks I should be studying...Dang.
  • Oct 12 Saving three lives today...What can I say? I'm a giver.
  • Oct 13 I've received more Twitter updates from my mom today than texts. Not cool.
  • Oct 31 Dear Mother, as I am stressing to put on a flag football tournament I am being bombarded by your tweets...Like missiles in a warzone.
  • Nov 16 National Appreciate a Ginger Day!! Let's celebrate MEEEE! :)
  • Nov 30 Nothing says Mumford and Sons like the Winter Winters of the first flurries...
  • Dec 15 Mumford and Sons should NEVER precede Lady Gaga on the radio. NEVER.
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