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Admin here!!! This is to get to know me as an rper and my muse Momo! I want to keep my TL as clean as possible from ooc for right now as I get settled in twitter rp!

Momo Hirai follows:

Originally I was in the kakao talk role play community! Hehe we had either 1v1 Roleplaying or Group roleplays where there was a main chat we used as a texting chat and 1:1 lit chats! If you want to roleplay im usually open to any kind of style!

I tend to do:

  • plotting role play
  • semi lit rp
  • lit rp
  • 3rd person

I do NOT do:

  • Double rps (you control my character vice versa)
  • Text roleplay *she grabs his wrist*
  • First person rp
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