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  • I'm Dolci!
  • I'm 25, August 25 (Virgo)
  • She/Her lesbian
  • I'm easy to get along with! Just shoot me a message any time!
  • I'm pro-ship and I Do Not Care what other people like or ship, just don't purposely make other people uncomfortable. I blacklist what I hate anyway. So if you see me like or RT some problematic shit well there you go, don't be surprised. I've been pro ship since I was like 12, I don't have this delusion that cartoons should have rights. For these reasons I would prefer if minors didn't follow me at all. Block me, please. This doesn't mean that I'm into a lot of shit like loli or shota and super underage (bc I really hate it) but I do like a few things that are not 100% pure and wholesome big chungus good and I like problematic things as a whole so ...
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Fandoms/Shit I'm into!

  • Twisted Wonderland
  • Pokemon
  • Dangan Ronpa
  • Bang Dream
  • Hypnosis Mic
  • Madoka Magica/Magia Record
  • Genshin Impact
  • Horror movies/media

Stuff I really really love to do!!!

  • Play mobages. A lot.
  • Roleplay!!! I LOVE RPing!!
  • Write!!! It's my passion!!!!!!!
  • Make OCs. I have OCs for everything.

I am pro OC/canon and yumejo!!! Please tell me all about your ships!

Also any ship that I don't like it muted so I take care of myself as far as that's concerned

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  • You're ableist/racist/homophobic/transphobic/a TERF/ usual DFI
  • Doubly for antisemites do NOT fucking follow if you share any ideology with the far right, burn in hell please
  • If you're gonna be a dick to people over fictional characters just don't, I don't wanna deal with you
  • Pro-shipping =/= endorsing REAL LIFE PEOPLE GETTING HURT; therefore, Pedophiles are not welcome and will be blocked on sight. Don't come at me with creepy fucking real life shit
  • You just wanna start shit with me
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