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They say that whoever reaches the top will be granted their deepest wish...

Ignace follows:

Hello! I'm Ignace (as you already know). I'm a minor currently living in the hell country known as the USA. I'm trans and gay, which unfortunately means I tend to suffer from dysphoria fairly often.

I wanted this listo to be separate from my main account, since I'm including some more personal details in it.

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Discord: ✭

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I do ask people to avoid rting these but I might as well put them here specifically.

-Truscum/Transmedicalist posts (Especially posts that focus on how trans men aren't really trans if they're comfortable in feminine clothing/with parts of their body/don't intend to go on hormones/ etc)

-Sasarai/Luc (This pairing makes me feel ill even typing it out, for multiple reasons it seriously bothers me. Especially due to how much i associate myself with Sasarai.)

-Spiders & moth larvae (I'm arachnophobic and due to a very bad moth infestation, moth larvae make me very. very anxious)

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I tend to post a lot about my own mental health on this account, and if this is a problem you're free to unfollow at any time. I don't want people to feel like they HAVE to follow this account, especially if I followed them first.

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  • I ID heavily with Xiuan and Baldur as well as Sasarai and Liu (hence why my accounts seem to revolve around them.) this isn't really a 'kin' thing though.
  • I have a very bad relationship with my mother, I tend to vent about it a lot on this account.
  • Recently my issues with self harm have been getting much worse. I try not to post about it but during depressive episodes I might.
  • Sometimes I switch to this account when I feel uncomfortable on my main, which has been happening more frequently now.
  • I also livetweet on this account.
  • I'm currently hyperfixated on Etrian Odyssey 4+5 so I'm sorry for posting about it a lot!
  • Rufa, Sieg and Jale are some of my biggest comfort characters (Sieg being the biggest). So if you see any art of them (or o...
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