Here's some information on my financial-drive .

My lawyer fees to pay for my Fiance's Visa application and processing are out of the roof !

Once we're done with everything , the fees will equal well over $5,000 .

We've already paid $1425 and are moving forward.

$150 - Consultation fees. $750 - Lawyer fees + Legal team efforts as well as making sure our USCIS application booklet was properly presentable. $535 - K-1 Visa application fee. There is a lot more going forward. We are expecting rough estimates of :

Plane ride and board to Tunisia Embassy (Libyan Embassy is closed) - $300 Medical exam - $200 to $500 Plane ticket - $1,200 More Lawyer Fees - $2,000

+ More unexpected costs down the road. Due to the travel ban, any court time to fight for our case is $250 per hour. Thank you for your support . ❤️

If you have a heart and would like to donate , you can send your payments to my Ko-fi You are truly wonderful ! ❤️

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