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I like watching beautiful people smoke. I like harmful smells. I like beautiful boys with thick english accents. i like books. i like quotes. i like like. i don't believe in love yet.
I'm pure wanderlust. i want to fly out of this galaxy. i want to be part of the ocean. i want to believe in love.
I'm an Alice in a not-so-much-as Wonderland.

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  • too many lols
  • people that laugh for no reason
  • bad grammar
  • talking on the phone
  • people with awfully long "interesting" conversations
  • reggaeton music
  • when people start telling you something then back off saying, "Forget it, forget it."
  • being left out of a conversation
  • not being loved back
  • hoop earrings with names inside
  • hair frizz
  • lectures about sex
  • losing friends
  • losing things
  • failing
  • not being able to move on
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