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  • deleted my facebook :o to procrastinate less
  • then i remembered that the majority of my friends live in a different town/state/country, and facebook was my only contact with them
  • oops. another lesson learned in impulsive decision making
  • but now i am inspired to write letters, which is so much better than writing on someones wall
  • got a planner so my life can be well-planned. actually helpful!
  • decided colleges to apply to, and filled out applications
  • but still have yet to finish college essay. almost there...
  • the list within this list, of colleges:

-Lewis & Clark U. -Reed College -U. Cal. Berkeley & Santa Barbara -Seattle University -U. of Washington -U. of San Francisco -Tulane U., even though I do not want to go to school here, they offered me a free application and my mom's making me apply somewhere somewhat close to home, in case I change my mind about going to the west coast. My mind isn't going to change. But I am tempted by the fact that Tulane is in Lousiana, and True Blood is in Lousiana, so if I go to school there I will surely become acquainted with the lovely locals of Bon Temps, and marry Jason, and/or become a vampire. -Same goes for Emerson

  • super pumped about ACT scores
  • not so much on the SAT's the first time, but hoping I did better the second time around
  • hoping I don't fail French
  • hating English
  • liking my job
  • speaking Greek more often (but stupid French keeps trying to take over my brain)
  • worrying about leaving my family next year. but still really wanting to go. :/
  • finding alternate modes of procrastination, such as this website, due to lack of faceboook
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