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I feel my heart jump as I look at you... and my world fills with color.

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Hi!! I'm Min! I'm a 20 yr old girl just tryna make it.

I spend most of my free time bullshitting around when I should be drawing. I also like to knit, crochet, cross stitch, needle felting etc bc im an old woman

I'm really shy but I love meeting new people, I probably won't follow back right away but just give me a lil time :3

I spam RT cats, nice art, weird humor

@melancholyhill also has access to my account if you one day see pictures of hairless gorillas without context just know its her.

I tweet a lot about nothing, if you have a small following list your tl will be clogged lol

FUB free! Please do not ever be afraid to softblock or mute me either, I want you to have a comfortable experience following me! And if I ever say anything out of line feel free to @ me or DM me.

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✿ Voltron Legendary Defender

✿ Love Live


✿ Overwatch (Minccinojuic#1570)

✿ Elsword (Minccin0, alm0ndmilk)

✿ League of Legends (Minccinojuic)

✿ Pokemon

✿ Animal Crossing

✿ School Idol Festival (EnSIF: 241418046)

✿ Deresute (ID: 406252305)

✿ Osu! (Minccin0, 4* and up)


✿ Keith Kogane

✿ Kotori Minami

✿ Dia Kurosawa

✿ Sae Kobayakawa

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