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In reality, I'm not really the type of person who brags about things. But since this is the internet, I am happy to say that..

Alma A. Pierce Elementary School:

  • I was the 2001-2002 top reader of the whole school.
  • I've helped save Manadas Creek Lake.
  • I won several awards in cheerleading.
  • I won the 'computer wiz' award.

M.B. Lamar Middle School:

  • I got a medal for being the top flute player.

J.W. Nixon High School:

  • I was in yearbook my freshmen year.
  • I was considered part of the yearbook team for helping a lot.

Vidal M. Trevino Magnet School:

  • I received my medallion for attending for four years.
  • Jenni and I's senior recital.

Laredo Community College:

  • I got my first A in math for the first time in my life.


  • In 2009: the day I beat Jenni at Mario Party.
  • In 2009: Winning in Clue the first time I ever played.
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