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Since I zone out a lot, I have a bunch of weird thoughts that usually don't make any sense. These thoughts normally stick out to me a lot. Then I sometimes scribble something in my notebooks and I never remember why I did. So I thought I should write 'em down. Maybe they'll make sense to me later on.

  • Ryan Gibb (Scribble, 12/2009)
  • Roberts Bens? Burns? (Scribble, 12/2009)
  • Fractions of Photons (Thought, 01/2010)
  • Knuckles and Brass (Thought, 01/2010)
  • "The Wives of Snails Who Were Singing Slow Down"
    • I changed a lyric by Bowerbirds. (Thought, 01/2010)
  • A bolt of lightning appeared in front of my eyes. Upon realizing it wasn't there from the start. (Thought, 01/2010)
  • Liquid Air (Thought, 01/2010)
  • There is a shift, a movement of papers. (Thought, 01/2010)
  • The sound of a thousand flapping wings above the earth. (Thought, 01/2010)
  • Maybe our kite strings will tangle up and dance along the skyline. (Thought, 01/2010)
  • Virgin Burritos (Thought, 03/2010)
  • Werewolf at a Child's Tea Party. (iPhone Note, 10/2010)
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