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From My Rotting Body, Flowers Shall Grow, and I Am in Them, and That Is Eternity. —Edvard Munch.

MysticMUTT follows:

Welcome! I’m Jaz Graves. 26 // bi / Pagan - [Don't take me seriously. I don't.] Dabbler in many mediums w/ a passion for animal fantasy! I fursuit 3 sonas: Kezra the collyote, Ripley the 90s pup, & Soma the astral reaper demon thing. Catch them at cons & fests around the US! I sell bones I've cleaned & other trinkets @ Mutt’s Boneyard on Etsy (hiatus). Living in Seattle w/ my partner (ZombieGraves), our daughter (Samus the collie), 2 axolotls, quail on the way, & a big ol worm farm. RN I’m balancing personal projects with fulltime work as a kennel tech. Smelling like dog is my true form! Goals include always making art (even if for my eyes only) & homesteading in the PNW. I advocate for discussion, education, & law reform surrounding death & dying (from eco-friendly funeral options to assisted suicide), & separation of church/state. Very anti-censorship. Feel free to DM. I can be reclusive, but I don’t bite. Take it easy~!

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  • night time, stars, outer space
  • lucid dreaming, world building
  • nature, camping, bonfires
  • animals, plants, fungi, all creatures
  • tarot, scavenging, crafting
  • travel, festivals, conventions
  • drinking, dancing, drinking x2
  • sleeping in, weighted blankets
  • breakfast, sushi, Ελληνικό φαγητό
  • monsters, aliens, all nonhumans
  • mycology, anatomy, linguists (ASL!)
  • thanatology, #DeathPositive
  • anti-censorship, sex-positive, kink-friendly

Currently Reading :

  • The Demon-Haunted World - Carl Sagan

Currently Watching :

  • Barry S01
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  • Coyote x Collie : true fursona from the dawn of time / me, just me


  • Akita x Shep : extraverted lush / nostalgia enthusiast / overall hedonist

SOMA // // WIP

  • Astral Dog-Skull Daemon : self-ordained reaper / problematic fave
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I have accounts everywhere! Usually I'm MysticMUTT (Sometimes MUTT, Kezra, or CoyoteSong). These are places I'm most active (or aim to be). Most are just... more lists.

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