What programs/tools do you use?

  • Intuos Pro Medium Pen Tablet -
  • Clip Studio Paint -
  • iPad Pro 12.9 Inch - also uses Clip Studio Paint

Do you do commissions?

  • Yes, almost every month.
  • I decide themes based on my energy.
  • Please follow my twitter for openings/updates.
  • IMPORTANTLY, Its difficult to complete my commissions timely because of my mental health. Kindly, keep in mind I may take up to 1 - 2 months depending on my queue size and my personal life.
  • Commissions are always closed if I am still working on a pending queue.
  • Unfortunately, I can only do what I have the energy for, be it expressions, full body, chibi's -etc
  • I am unable to work on several types at once or special orders due to my busy offline schedule and energy.

Do you do trades?

  • Not really, no.

Do you take requests?

  • No, but check out my twitter for rare openings.
  • I have a very quick and limited window in these special tweets.

Can I draw you some gift art?

  • I would prefer if you did not.
    • My characters change a lot and don't have any updated references.
    • I don't particularly like fan art from strangers. I’ve had weird experiences with unwanted lewd art.
    • While I appreciate your time, effort, and thoughts into your gift, I'm a shy person. Please understand that.
  • As of now, I don’t want any gift art from either friend, mutual, or fan.


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