this is a small part of my gigantic laboum primer

laboum project

laboum television

laboum time

  • season 1
    • some are subbed some are not but they are really short cute and understandable!
  • season 2

daily laboum

  • all episodes
    • none of these are subbed. howeverrr there are so many episodes and they're SO long so if you really wanna get invested / know korean i recommend these!


ATTENTION!!!!!!! i've exclusively added SUBBED content. apart from daily laboum and a couple of laboum time episodes, everything comes with eng subs. there is, unfortunately, a lot of missing content, from bts interviews to full tv shows. hopefully that'll change in the future when our fanbase grows even more! if you're interested in unsubbed content, here you can find most if not all shows they've been in. also a HUGE shoutout to laboumdaily for some of the compilations and subs listed above. THANK U X

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