Here goes: I wake up super early feeling too excited to sleep on my wedding day. My old co-worker Rosa does my makeup for wedding and my best friends help me into my dress. I am wearing a birdcage veil, tea length dress and blue flats. Josh is wearing a white button down shirt with a black vest on top and a bowtie with black converse tennis shoes. My bridesmaids are wearing black dresses with different designs and colored tights on their legs: Brittany's is light blue, Marisela's is teal, Skyla's is light green, Chelsea's is indigo, and Kaitlin's is lavender. The groomsmen are wearing white button down shirts, black vests and ties that coordinate with their paired bridesmaid. My little brother Tristan is the ring bearer and my goddaughter Alyss is my flower girl. Tristan wears a little tuxedo with a dark blue bowtie and Alyss wears a light green dress with white tights, white bow in her hair and black sparkly shoes. The wedding is held at the University of Tampa's hotel section that overlooks the water. A small table is outside the room with this: and this to sign. My Papa and my Dad walk me down the isle. My mom and Nana wear a black dress with blue accents to match with my bridesmaids. The chairs are white and their is a in memory chair for my Nanny. Josh looks like he is going to cry when he says "I do" and by that time I am bawling. We kiss passionately and inform our family that twe will see them at the reception. They ring bells as we leave and when they get to the reception area they are happily surprised. The reception is held at large barn and party area. The theme is vintage, music, literature and love. Pictures of us are on a frame outside on a table a guest book globe with a game area they can play, an area to drop off gifts, a mason jar for their drink a card with their name to get but they have to take a picture first and a disposable camera to play a game during the reception. The seats are white with light blue gauze bows and the table cloths are dark with picture center pieces. The table sets are teal, blue, light green, and lavender. Along with the pictures in the center is mason jars with candles in it and frames with lyrics of love songs or love quotes from books. Our seats are connected just the way we like it: Along the walls are pictures of us, our friends and family with scenes from us at the beach in a majority of them. The food is Italian catering and the desserts are an ice cream bar. The cake looks like a tree with our initials carved in with our theme colors, my piece to eat is a small strawberry cheesecake since I won't eat cake. During the wedding we make an announcement we are moving to Bradenton to live by the beach. Their is dancing and we have a specific area for ladies to pick up their dancing shoes: Our evening ends with a lighting ceremony with balloons and sparklers:

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