Full Name: 6. Flora Elizabeth Jane Your occupation: College Professor Your car: Chose not to drive, take bus or taxi every where. Your fiancé: VCO - Vincent Cedric Oliver We met at a book store, when I couldn't reach a book on a shelf and he got it down for me. We met a couple times at that same book store, and until one day he handed me a book with a note saying "Wanna go get coffee?" We went on a couple dates then we officially got together. He has dark hair curly hair, green eyes, height of 6'2" and he had a lean build. His hands are very large, and he always engulfs mine when we walk hand in hand. He works as a wedding photography and free lance photographer. I met his family two months after we started dating and they loved me. His mom is very sweet, his dad is soft spoken and his three little brothers drive Vincent crazy. His heritage is English, German, Russian, and Portuguese. He proposed a year and six months after we were together. It was a Sunday afternoon and we were at the book shop where we met, I went down a isle and noticed books that were opened up on the shelves with lines highlighted. The first book read "I love you and your smile." The second read "I wish I could hold you forever." The third book read "I want to treasure every moment together." The fourth read "Will you marry me?" And the fifth one read "Look behind you" and he was down on one knee with his great-grandmother's ring. I stared at him, bursted into tears as he put the ring on my finger and hugged me. When I calmed down I yelled at him, "Why did you desecrate these books?!?" Where are you getting married: Edinburgh, Scotland. Inspiration for wedding: Glen Magma Farms Honeymoon: England, visiting all the book stores in London. Move to: A house boat in Seattle Washington. First pet: Cat and dog named Toulouse and Edgar. (The Aristocats) Second pet: A horse, he names the horse Jack Sparrow. Only child: Coralie Winter Charlotte Third pet: Adopt a female guinea pig named Prose

  • A. 2 Lyra Nori Sawyer

B. 3 Greyson Emmett Anderson  Greyson is a soft spoken guy who will end up being the loudest person you know when you get close to him. He has dark hair with he keeps in a low pony tail, and he has soft gray blue eyes. He is tall, at about 6'4" and he has to wear glasses to see. He works full time as an engineer and we met when I tripped and accidentally split coffee on him, in his building's downstairs Starbucks. I made it up to him by buying him another coffee. We flirted and exchanged numbers, then went on a date two weeks later. He formally asked me out a month later and we have been together for two years. He proposed to me when we out to lunch one day. He was being very quite and serious, I was feeling worried till he blurted out, "W-Will you marry me?!?" I dropped my sandwich, started coughing and tearing up as he held out the ring. I squealed "Yes" and we got a sand ovation by the Subway workers. Super romantic? No. But was it just right for us? Yes. C. 4 We get married in Waynesville, North Carolina. My great uncle and aunt live up there, it one of the oldest cities in the state of North Carolina. Our theme is vintage world, with old books, maps, and antique treasures. He wears a black vest over a white shirt and wing back shoes. I have a bird cage veil and tea length dress with blue shoes. We have a small wedding of about 50-100 people but it was the best for us. D. 4 Sydney, AZ. We move into a older Victorian home with six bedrooms, and three bathroom. We are fixing it up ourselves. It is blue with white trim and eventually will be renovated to have a spiral stair case added to the library to connect the dining room. E. 5 B/G Twins Weston River and Coralie Raine. F. 2 Bear the Pyrenean Mastiff G. 6 B/B/G/G Quads (My poor vagina.) Parker Julian, Porter William, Primrose Diana and Priscilla Olive

  • Full Name: 1 Diana Rue Santiago

Occupation: 3 Pediatrician  Fiancé: 1 DES - Declan Everett Salvatore I love my Declan. He has dark hair, dark eyes and olive colored skin. He is tall at about 6'2" and he dressed very classy. His personality is exciting, passionate and funny. He will go out of his way to cheer me up and make me laugh. He  works as a journalist and photographer for the Discovery magazine. He is a big on spending time with family and he makes me want to better myself as a person. Wedding: 5 Pretty Vintage Honeymoon: 3 Vienna, Austria Where you live: 3 London, England  First born: 5 Girl - Kyla Penelope Second born: 5 Boy - Gavin Edgar Third born: 2 Dashiell Luca and Hugo Dante

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