The sun streamed down on Ivana and her husband, Herald, as they enjoyed their afternoon stroll in the park. They already fed the cute ducklings at the pond and they were going to their favorite wrought iron bench with clawed-feet.

Herald took Ivana’s hand and gave it a squeeze before they walked toward the ivory archway that led to the picnic tables and benches. Ivana noticed applauding coming from the way they were headed. “I wonder what is going on.” Ivana asked Herald. He shrugged and just before they reached the archway, a women in a wedding gown with her groom at her side, ran past towards them. They were holding hands and only broke their hold just before colliding into the elder couple.

Ivana smiled at them and watched as they rejoined hands, squealed in delight before continue descending down the brick pathway. Herald kissed her cheek and they continued on their way. “Those two kids remind me of some old couple I know,” Herald chuckled to Ivana. She smiled and kissed him as they settled on the bench, watching two young men playing chess at the table across from them.

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It was 1958 and Herald was in love. There was a girl at the park who came every Saturday, just like he did, and played chess. He never actually played against her but today was going to be the day.

Her name was Ivana and she was the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on. He watched her beat guy after guy at the game and finally it was his turn. He sat down and the game began.

“Ivana?” “Yes?” “If I win, will you go on a date with me?”

Ivana smiled at him and he felt like King of the Park when she said “That sounds nice.” The game continued and he check-mated her. He felt pride for winning and he put his hand on her hand but she didn’t shrug it off.

“Hey Herald?” “Yes, Ivana?” “If I win the next game, will you kiss me?”

He smiled at her and said with all his heart “That sounds nice.”

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