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I hate pedo/incest ships. Get out of here with that garbage

I make some vaguely NSFW jokes sometimes, but please note none of them are ever serious lol. If you still want me to tag them, let me know. That'll be the extent of any NSFW content on my account, however. I don't post or retweet anything like that

Also, I know I'm only 19, but if me following you makes you uncomfortable because of your age, you can just softblock me. I try not to follow anyone too young anyway

I get moody pretty easily and may leave to go to my side account @KeymasterCard for anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days. (If you want to send a follow request, go ahead!) Feel free to DM me even if I'm away, though! I still get notifications for my main account, I'll do my best to respond

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