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This is Mab the mistress Fairy,

That doth nightly rob the dairy,

And can help or hurt the churning

As she pleases without discerning.


Hello, I'm Rowan. I daydream and drink too much tea.


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  • crinkly, crimson leaves falling like little cardinals from the trees.
  • bobbing for apples.
  • popcorn balls.
  • jack'o'laterns/ pumpkin moonshine.
  • pumpkin soup.
  • Hogwarts great hall feast.( no trolls allowed in the dungeon,please.)
  • the sweets trolly on the Hogwarts Express.
  • grey skirts with folds and cardigans.
  • boots and polka dot stockings.
  • real witches dressed as witches for halloween. (shhh!)
  • fairy tale pumpkins that look a bit like cinderella's carriage. (with field mice for coach men!)
  • Kiki and Jiji.
  • old books and potion beakers.
  • quill pens.
  • caldrons.
  • candy (the yummy, homemade sort.)
  • ebony witch's hats and ivory wands.
  • black and gold glitter.
  • goblets of apple cider.
  • brooms that send you flying.
  • barren trees that look like long fingers.
  • the warm hearth.
  • vintage halloween decorations.
  • acorns and pumpkin seeds.
  • chilly nights.
  • fairy lights.
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