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This is Mab the mistress Fairy,

That doth nightly rob the dairy,

And can help or hurt the churning

As she pleases without discerning.


Hello, I'm Rowan. I daydream and drink too much tea.


listography NEW JOURNAL
  • purple mists.
  • tall trees with spirits.
  • bends in the path.
  • muddied shoes and stockings.
  • knotted roots.
  • doors in the hills.
  • windows in trunks.
  • secrets hidden under rock and tucked behind leaf.
  • elven music.
  • a tune in the wind.
  • bell like laughs.
  • smells of moss and mist.
  • a dwarf's hood a nodding through the trees.
  • cat's tail by the waters.
  • notebook full of plant diagrams under arm.
  • bits of twig and leaf caught in hair.
  • moist wide eyes.
  • skirts bemired.
  • loss of time.
  • toadstools around aspen in a faeryring.
  • imposing mountains in the distance.
  • clear brook home to the water nymph.
  • the heart of the forest.
  • a long way from home.
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