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This is Mab the mistress Fairy,

That doth nightly rob the dairy,

And can help or hurt the churning

As she pleases without discerning.


Hello, I'm Rowan. I daydream and drink too much tea.


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  • snowflakes on eyelashes.
  • cold hands.
  • blanket of white on the ground.
  • glittery book pages.
  • lists of dreams.
  • the nutcracker ballet.
  • sugarplums and turkish delight.
  • brown parcels holding gifts.
  • homemade cards.
  • steaming hot chocolate.
  • cozy jumpers.
  • cashmere socks.
  • sticky toffee smiles.
  • douglas fir adorned in lights.
  • sleeping cat companion.
  • knitted scarf around neck.
  • stack of books.
  • crackling and dancing fire.
  • cups of hot tea.
  • reed pipes singing. (played by mr. tumnus)
  • snowy hoof tracks on the roof.
  • warm slumber.
  • magical dreams.
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